Services & Impact

Services & Impact

For over 25 years we have worked at the forward edge of organisational design, transformation, knowledge management, collaboration and workplace. By creating places in which collaboration can happen, we help you build momentum and meaning in your business.

Here's some of what we do and who we've done it with.

#remotelyhuman: vitality at work

#remotelyhuman is a highly interactive, stimulating programme that takes teams through discovery, shared understanding and negotiating shared commitments to bring vitality back to work. It can stand alone or become part of a wider post-pandemic workplace strategy. We can run it, or we can make it part of a bigger campaign with you that touches and involves everyone in your organisation.

Contact Laura for more information.

Here's an overview:

Here are some ways we've worked with clients to develop collaborative working methods.

Case study: new ways of working at Leading Edge Forum
Case study: #remotelyhuman and collaboration at WHO's Global Learning Committee
Case study: #remotelyhuman for a bank's global technology team

Jigsaw Foresight  

In partnership with Wendy Schultz of Infinite Futures, Jigsaw Foresight equips organisations and teams to build foresight fluency and apply it to wicked and complex problems in their team, organisation or sector. We create the conditions in which the imagination and 'knowledge from the future' becomes a key part of strategy implementation. Our dynamic toolkit of foresight methods, case studies and cultural contexts, supported by a range of technology platforms, foster vibrant multi-disciplinary conversations that offset biases and unlock new ideas.

Foresight can be a powerful ingredient in organisational change, supporting strategic thinking, the delivery of strategy, breaking down silos, adapting to accelerated change, and embracing disruptions early.

Our long-standing partnership fuses Infinite Future's foresight skills, experience and research knowledge with VWL's cultural transformation, knowledge management and storytelling insights. From learning journeys to strategic consultancy, we can flex according to the focus and priorities of the work. Have a look at this illustrated outline of a 3 day workshop we devised and delivered in Cairo in 2016 with the International Labour Organisation, hosting a multi-stakeholder workshop looking at policy and practice in youth employment.

Contact Victoria or Wendy to find out more.

Visual overview of the Jigsaw approach
Wendy and Victoria in Jigsaw action in Cairo, December 2016

Consulting engagements

We take on small number of long consulting engagements every year for the right clients. With Team Excelerator we have also developed analytical tools and interventions, initially for the private equity sector, but relevant to any organisation effecting change. Contact Victoria if you'd like to know more. Otherwise, find out more below.

Victoria's working life in finance, exchange traded derivatives and operational risk, overlays a degree in languages and avant-garde art. You'd think they'd be odd bedfellows, but they have led to creating an analytical/creative fusion that equips us at VWL to take on complex cultural challenges which have no easy answers. Things we get stuck into come under the label of communication, collaboration, knowledge management transformation, new ways of working. Our theory of change is thoughtful and consistent, with a different look and feel to other things out there.  We are committed to creating:

  • immediate energy and involvement and a creative process that creates ownership
  • below-the-line impact that lasts, deepens and evolves over time
  • something made to travel and do its own work in its own time
  • strong peer to peer commitment, networks of superusers and integrators, and relationship as we go.

We know how to hold the space for fierce conversations and complex emotions. Quality in Mind is  one good example of a whole system approach that paid off.

Case study: Consulting for a global manufacturing organisation

Another example would be the package we developed working with a knowledge management client in an R&D division in a global company.

Testimonial: Client lead for embedding a knowledge strategy


Victoria is a qualified ICF coach specialising in leadership coaching through transitions for individuals and teams, privately or through your organisation. Find out more on the coaching page. Please contact Taryn for more information.

Speaking, meeting design & masterclasses

Victoria is an experienced speaker. Book her for a keynote presentations, masterclasses, meeting design & facilitation, open workshop and expertise on a number of themes including collaboration, the future of work and knowledge management. Get in touch with Laura if you'd like Victoria to speak at your conference, away day or workshop series.

Photo by Ricardo Gomez on Unsplash