Some work

Some work

Picked from work and projects since 1 November 1997. Last updated December 2019.

Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (SDC).  Five year partnerships to explore storytelling as a vehicle for the transfer of knowledge, resulting in guide still widely. 2000 - 2005. #storytelling #knowledge management

Knowledge management frameworks, strategies, engagement materials, capacity building programmes, evaluations, audits, position papers, A wide range work around knowledge management and knowledge transfer, including for the EBRD, the Islamic Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, Countryside Agency (later Natural England), International Labour Organisation, regulators and others  1996 - date. #knowledge management

Story competitions. For, among others, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, British Telecom and the Islamic Development Bank. c. 2000 - 2006 #storytelling

BBC White City Move. Supported BBC Property in the move of Corporate Services from central London to White City. 2003. #transformation #storytelling #participation

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. Acted as knowledge architect for HMCE. Later led narrative research for the Board into the frontline impact of the merger with Revenue, piloted knowledge retention learning  programme. 1999 - 2005 #knowledge management #storytelling #research

DTI. For a 10-month period in 2004, helped the DTI’s Fair Markets Group to increase usage of MATRIX, the recently installed DTI-wide EDRM (Electronic Documents and Records Management) system. #evaluation #waysofworking

DEFRA. Conducted lessons learned evaluation for Chief Scientific Adviser and his head of Horizon Scanning and Foresight, leading to the production of key checklists, essays and recommendations for policy makers commissioning foresight. Still widely used. 2004 - 2007. #evaluation #foresight

London Development Agency & Museums, Libraries and Archives of London. Acted as ‘bridge-builder’ for a three year action research programme to build capacity and knowledge transfer between businesses and museums, libraries and archives in London. Regarded by both client sponsors as an outstanding piece of work. Reports including a findings report, pilot recommendations and a method statement, and a final report written by people who'd been involved. There's also a visual essay by Julie Reynolds of the innovation workshop at the Whitechapel Art Gallery. 2004 - 2008. #research

Audit Commission. Narrative research into strategic governance in local authorities. 2009. #storytelling #research

Asian Development Bank. Nine month project, working in Manila with a mission to Cambodia, to conduct an oral history and narrative practitioner capacity building programme for the knowledge management lead, resulting in an extensive narrative package, including an oral history book, 'Reflections and Beyond', training programme, set of materials and soundscape. 2009. #knowledge management #storytelling

RBS Coutts. Interim role in an operations transformation programme at Coutts, devising a learning journey for the mid and back office. 2011. #transformation #collaboration #learning

Museum of London. Worked in partnership with client team, to devise and deliver strategy consultations. 2010 - 2016. #consultation #participation

World Health Organisation. Sudan mission with a WHO team to re- evaluate the knowledge strategy for the HACC (Health Action in Crises Cluster) which WHO was the lead for. 2011 #knowledge management #collaboration

British Council. Evaluation, using a narrative research approach, of the Behind the Scenes programme. This included a social media follow up with a small group of volunteers to evolve insight into impact over time. 2013. #evaluation

FCA. Conducted cultural assessment leading to recommendations for options for business models for building a foresight and early warning system closely aligned with a future-proofed strategy. 2015. #foresight #culturalaudit

World Health Organisation. Providing expert advice the WHO global learning team in Lyon on devising an International Health Regulation learning package, and on setting up a knowledge network, for Ebola Rapid Response Teams. 2014 - 2015 #knowledge management

International manufacturing. As part of a major transformation, leadership and talent development programme to shift from a command and control environment to a collaborative and matrixed culture, led the design and delivery of a Knowhow app in the middle layer of 10,000 managers worldwide. 2017. #transformation #waysofworking #collaboration

An academic institutions. Working with two Associate Deans and their Faculty to translate shared principles into a shared operating manual. 2016 - 2107 #transformation #collaboration

International Labour Organisation. Designed and co-delivered a three-day foresight capacity building workshop for the Cairo office, working with stakeholders from government and the private and third sectors to test the application of foresight tools to Egypt’s government youth strategy. The material generated were supplied to help ILO develop a foresight toolkit.

Currently guiding the development of a ‘Knowledge Academy’ at the core of the Knowledge Coordination team’s capacity building activities. Most recently (November 2019) , a condensed version was run for a group working across Africa on Youth Employement. 2016 and ongoing. #knowledge management

International Manufacturing. Partnering a divisional knowledge management head in forming strategy and translating it into narrative and capacity building assets. 2018. #knowledge management #storytelling

International Manufacturing. Working with the CEO of Shared Services and his core team to develop an employee brand story, build a storytelling inner commuinity and then use structured approaches to story gathering, patterning and understanding to design and deliver a mural on the canteen wall of the offices in Poland, as part of a bigger redesign. 2018 - 2019. #storytelling

International Manufacturing. Smarter lessons.  Working with the knowledge management lead on an exploration of new ways of gathering, making sense of and sharing lessons. Fusing principles from micro-learning, collaboration, storytelling, virtual working, distributed cognition and paying it forward. With Spanner.  #knowledge management

Leading Edge Forum. Working with the digital anthropologist on an enquiry into collaborative workspace. 2019 and ongoing. #collaboration

Selected systemic coaching, leadership, participatory and peer to peer learning interventions

Collaborative practitioner. Building on work originally commissioned by the WHO Global Learning Committee in 2010 have developed a learning programme to support the development of collaborative practices, mindsets and skillsets. 2010 - date

Quality of mind in international manufacturing. Devised 'quality conversations' in response to regulatory pressure. Quality conversations is a story-based engagement and peer coaching tool that convenes safe local learning spaces in which experience of quality near misses can be openly shared. Modelled on an original concept for developing a narrative package for the Countryside Agency to engage the whole organisation with their knowledge charter in 2008. Quality conversations is used worldwide. 2010 - 2013

Connected leader. A coaching and learning programme which equips those joining the talent or leadership programme to be more effective in networks and support the development of communities of practice and cross-cutting knowledge networks.

International pharmaceutical. Using a proprietary Narrative for a Change approach to reconfiguring the communication and engagement strategy of a global transformation and restructuring programme and coach senior leaders in communicating the change story and shifting the engagement space.

Knowhow Knowhow is an app designed to encourage a peer-to-peer collaborative learning environment. It provides carefully curated collections of tiny pieces of relevant knowhow from a wide range of sources, stored in tagged database, enhanced by an algorithm. This breaks knowledge down into small micro-knowledge and micro-learning assets which can be shared peer to peer to create local, autonomous, learning spaces around key themes such as collaboration, conversation, ethics, or indeed any theme that is an organisational priority. It also has a number of other functions, including journalling. Developed in partnership with Spanner.